What we do

Improving communication and looking after students.

Growing Kids - The digital school diary

Conecting Teachers and Families.

Your Kindergarten still uses diaries and paper notes to communicate? What if all that information was on your smartphone, organized and easy to access?

Opa - social media for education

Technology that promotes dialogue and prevent evasion.

Everyone wants to be noticed but no one want to be controlled. With that in mind we started using technology promote dialogue, identify the presence but above all show hospitality and belongingness. Even before the student enters the educational institution.

What can we do?

Everything you classroom might need

All the way to college

Our products are made to look after the student from kindergarten to college. Helping the students and making them feel apriciated and welcomed right from the beginning of the learning process.

Looking after you

We look after the students from the moment they arrive in the classroom til it's time to go home. Keeping in touch with their daily life and getting feedback from their experience with the learning process.

Always there to help

By being present in the day-to-day life of the students our system identifies those who are not doing well. Then the system can alert the teachers and bring that student's problem to light.

Fitting what you need

Our tools are multiplatform, that is, they can be used by any type of smartphone, tablet or computer. In addition they adapt to the needs of each institution, delivering a customized solution to their problems.

Promoting communication

Through our app, the institution can easily communicate with all the parents and students. Whether it is through notices, direct messages or sending of documents, the institution will always be able to get the message across quickly and easily.

Completely Whitelabe

Our tools are white label, they can be customized to have your name, brand, and colors.

Our Team

The experts behind the whole operation.

Over 27 years simplifying processes through the use of technology in the education, services and management segments, always developing fast solutions with easy implementation.

Author image
Marcio Torres CEO

Agile developer with extensive experience. Eduardo leads the Opa legion in the area of ​​technology, sharing the responsibility of front, back and ux with the rest of the team.

Author image
Eduardo Sobral CTO

Designer, developer, and pitcher. William has been working with startups since high school, with a young mind and 3 years of experience he can always give a more millennial view of things.

Author image
William Azen COO

Investor, Manager and entrepenour

Author image
Raphael Azen Technical Specialist - Advisor

Director of Educational Innovation at INOVEDUC

Author image
Andréa Marini Education Specialist - Advisor

Investor, Manager and entrepenour

Author image
Patrick O'Reilly Financial Specialist - Advisor

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